Company Name: Battery Concepts International, Inc.
Battery Concepts International, Inc.
Address: 480 S. Americas Ave., Ste. B-4 Directions: Click here to map this location
City: El Paso
State: TX
Zipcode: 79907
Telephone: 915-593-7584
Fax: 915-593-7583
Number of Employees: 8
Contact Individual: John Kenemore
Contact Title: President

U.S. owned company.

U.S. manufactured product.

Industry: MRO

Capacity/Output: We supply industrial batteries and charges for forklifts and telecommunications operations. BCI, Inc also handles warehouse products installations such as racking and battery handling rooms.

Notes: We also do engineering design of battery handling systems, plant power requirements for logistics equipment, rapid charging design, installation, sales and all types of service for logistics equipment

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